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Photo Album 1st Annual Pinside Pinvitational Tournament on in Des Moines, IA:

Past Iowa pinball club events:

A nice panaramic view of multiple pinball machines setup to play at the 1st Pinside Pinvitational in Des Moines, Iowa.

Trailer load of pinball machines brought by ThePostmaster, showing up for the Pinvitational.
Multiple games folded up in trailer ready to be unloaded.

From left to right: Ryan, Jana and ThePostmaster.
A nice 007 Goldeneye pinball machine folded up ready to be off loaded.

Trailer full of pinball machines with 007 Goldeneye on the left and Starship Troopers on the right.
A picture of "The Gorilla" at Toad Valley Golf Course!

Every party needs a nice Legend CD jukebox to add music!
Lets go that way with this pinball in my truck!
A gorilla sized Hug! With Hurricane pinball machine in the background.

Front left, Tales from the Crypt pinball. Front right, Startrek the Next Generation. Plus The Gorilla outside the trailer.
Ryan playing a Starship Troopers pinball machine.

Playing the Congo pinball machine and getting "midnight madness" multiball!
Tapping the beer keg!!!

From left to right: Fish tales (with animated fish topper), AC/DC and Championship Pub pinball machines
Plugging in the other AC/DC pinball machine! Yes! There were two!

Small group of pinball players at the pinvitational.

Games setup, ready to be powered up and played!
Almost all of the pinball machines are in place! AC/DC is missing in between Fish Tales and Championship Pub pinball machines.

With the lights dimmed, all of the pinball machines really glow!
From left to right: Monster Bash, Starship Troopers, The Shadow, Indiana Jones, Hurricane, Cueball Wizard and Road Show (with its blue legs) pinball machines!

Room overview. With t-shirt for sale.
A closeup view of the First Annual Pinvitational pinball t-shirt available for purchase.

The game room at Toad Valley Gold Course is getting packed with pinball playing fans!
From young to old, this is pinball playing fun at its best!

Our trusted party host is getting down to music from the jukebox!
Hours and hours of gaming fun in Iowa!

Showing the Lord of the Rings pinball machine who is boss!
People watching pinball being played. Note: Beer keg at right.

A gorilla, and a Tales from the Crypt pinball machine.
Stern Pinball Inc's great AC/DC machine is fully enjoyed. There were two at the event!

Ever seen a Gorilla play an AC/DC pinball machine? Well, now you have!
The Gorilla celebrating in front of AC/DC pinball... Shouldn't you be playing the Congo game?

Line of pinball machines... Monster Bash, Starship Troopers, The Shadow, Indiana Jones, Hurricane, Cueball Wizard and Road Show.
Line of pinball machines from left to right: Congo, Star Trek the Next Generation, Lord of the Rings, Tales from the Crypt, White Water and Spider Man.

The Gorilla unmasked!!! Jason Brady, our gracious host for this amazing event.
Pinvitational participants - Let me know who you are! Hit the contact form!

The "cabin" some of our participants stayed in.
Pinvitational participants at the Des Moines, IA Pinvitational

Proud winner at the Des Moines, IA Pinvitational
Nice Marco Specialties T-shirt.

Another nice Marco Specialties T-shirt.
Nice Jersey Jack T-shirt!

Another pinball T-shirt winner!
Game Show and Big Buck Hunter Back glasses for more tournament winners!

Showing off a new high score on the Lord of the Rings pinball.
Oh yeah! There was golf too! See, a picture at the tee at Toad Valley Golf Course!

Beloved 9th hole at the at Toad Valley Golf Course!
Admiring his beautiful hit. It was a pinball and golf tournament to remember!