Iowa Pinball Club

Promoting Pinball Leagues, Tournaments, Local Arcades & Home Game Room Culture.

Frequently asked questions (and NOT so FAQs):

Q. Is the club free to join?
A. Yes! We are simply a conduit for pinball and home arcade fans to communicate in Iowa. Plus, the public to sell there coin-operated games to.

Q.Who should join the club?
A.Anyone who is interested in coin-operated arcade games. But mainly, we are pinball fanatics.

Q.Do I need to own a game or have a home game room in order to join?
A.Not at all! But if you join, I'll bet you do shortly there after.

Q.When did the club start?
A.End of 2011 as, but changed the club domain name January 28, 2012 to its final name.

Q. Can members donate money?
A. NO! However you can offer up your home game room for a party today! That is the ONLY "donations" accepted (keeping the club active).

Q. Do IFPA sanctioned pinball leagues and tournaments cost money?
A. YES! There are fees for these premium events! But only to cover costs and the winners "kitty".

Q. Is it customary to bring a dish to pass to a home game room party?
A. Yes. Plus a little extra gift for the host isn't unheard of either. Tickets for two to the movies is over $20 these days. For around five hours of pinball, its well worth a token of thanks.

Q. What if I don't have a home game room but still want to host a party?
A. Find a location with two or more pinball machines, give enough advanced warning, and people will come!

Q. I have a problem with my pinball machine or arcade game, but don't care to join. Can I still get local support or technical help?
A. Sure! Fill out the "contact" form, and odds are, multiple people will get back to you. Please note: They may charge, and it is considered to be independent from this site.

Q. Do you solicit, or sell my contact information?
A. NO! We can't stand spam either!

Q. I'm a member, but would like out!
A. We'd hate to see you go. So far no one has left. But fill out the contact form and in the comments section mention that you would like out. Done.