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Find a pinball machine on location with our club supported map!THE BEST: is the only pinball machine locator/map endorsed and maintained by Iowa Pinball Club Members! It has the most games listed and is continuously updated; period!

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Iowa city game finder

Great places to sell your pinball machine and arcade games. pays the cash for all types of arcade games in Iowa and other states.

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Pinball Forum

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  • Pinball Magazine

    The newest pinball magazine.

  • Pingame Journal

    Covering the World of Pinball. The oldest running pinball magazine. Published 8 times a year.

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Pinball Encyclopedia

Internet Pinball Database (Game lookup)

Pinball Parts Suppliers:

Pinball Resource (Huge selection)

Marco Specialties (Hugh selection, great service and easy online store.)

Happ Control (Great video arcade game parts selection)

Bay Area Amusements

Lake Side Pinball Parts

Circuit Board Repair

Two Bits

Pinball Machine Manufacturers (Still in business):

Stern Pinball Inc, is today's best arcade, redemption, pin game manufacturer with multiple titles!

Jersey Jack Pinball. Brand new pinball machine manufacturer.

North Carolina Friends:

North Carolina Amusements. Selling pinball machine, Video Arcade games, Pool tables, redemption games and more. Also be sure to check out Great prices on coin operated games. North Carolina Pinball club based out of charlotte/concord NC. Home game room fans welcome!

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